I’m Helga and this is my bunch of LOVE

My name is Helga Horvath, the photographer behind Leoness Photography, mummy to Max and Felix and a wife to a very talented man who builds awesome houses. Photography has always been a huge part of my life, my dad sparked my intrigue from an early age. He was forever taking photos of us and captured so many happy childhood memories, that we still look back on today and remember fondly. I picked up my first professional camera after the birth of my first child in 2008,  driven by wanting to capture good quality images of him. Little did I know then that one day I’ll become a professional photographer, specialising in family and newborn photography.


Here I am creating everlasting memories, aiming to capture the beauty of the moment. My goal is for you to look back on your timeless images, and remember how you felt at the time, making each and every photo come alive.

Photography for Families
Being the person I am, as well as a tireless perfectionist blessed with an outgoing nature, it quickly became clear that family lifestyle photography is where my heart lies. It comes naturally to me to make instant connections and my curiosity for people helps me to get those magical shots. I am fascinated by family dynamics, during the sessions I am eagerly on the lookout for those special natural moments that brings the pictures alive. As a mother of two cheeky boys, I know how to make a fun atmosphere to capture those sparkling eyes and beautiful natural smiles that every child has.

My Style
I have worked hard to evolve and perfect my style within the field of photography. In three words I would describe my style as Natural, Authentic & Timeless. As a beginner I felt the need to offer all styles of photography in my repertoire, giving my clients the widest range of services. As time progressed I realised I wanted to focus on one area, perfect one style and putting my heart and soul into it. Lifestyle and documentary photography is what stole my heart, the simply natural rawness of it provoking deep authentic feelings. It gives me great pleasure that I’m able to give my clients something truly beautiful, real and incredible memories in pictures.

I live in the beautiful Chalke Valley of Wiltshire and the surrounding is my canvas, a beautiful backdrop to create stunning outdoor photographs. There are gorgeous places nearby that I love visiting with my clients. Take a look at my article about my favourite photo shoot locations, you will find a great selection of places to pick for your session.

Never ending learning
I am forever perfecting my style and invest in my professional development. I believe we can always learn new things and that even the tiniest of change that we can make, all goes in our favour. I have always been and still am a proactive learner accessing webinars and online studies of photography. It’s important to me to be ahead in my field and professionally relevant. I also edit all the photos I make myself, I have never given out any of my photos to editors. Dedicating the time to learn editing has been the best long-term investment.


I grew up in a beautiful village in the mountains of north-west of Hungary. My parents owned and ran a very popular pub attached to our huge family house so I was always surrounded by lots of people. I came to the UK in 2005 to learn English and gather experience being away from home all on my own. I instantly fell in love with the country and people here, so the decision of staying was not hard. Peter and I are together for over 15 years and nope… we are not yet married (‘maybe one day’), however, I always call him ‘hubby’. He was offered a very good position in 2007, so he came after me (guess he just couldn’t live without me being far away anymore ha-ha). I love this country a lot, we have made lots of beautiful friends and I couldn’t imagine our lives anywhere else. As an open-minded person I’ve never been isolated, I have always been open to making new friends of all cultural backgrounds.

My children
My eldest son, Max was born in November 2008 and from then on, our lives have turned upside down (in a good way). In 2014 my second boy, Felix arrived and our lives have changed even more. Being a little mischief, he is the complete opposite of Max. My boys give us so much fun and bring sunshine into our lives even, on the rainy days.

How my passion became a career…
Leoness Photography is everything that I have created over the years I evolved and perfected my style within the field of photography. Max was only a baby when I first had a DSLR camera lent to me by a lovely old friend. It was so hard to give it back after a couple of weeks, so Peter decided to invest in one for me enabling me to continue taking photos of my child. Since then I can hardly put my camera down when I’m around children. If I had to tell you how many photos of my kids I took since then you’d probably think I am absolutely crazy! That’s why you’ll see my boys all around my website too. My family and friends encouraged me to take photography to a professional level because they’ve all witnessed the passion and the love I have for photography when I hold a camera in my hands. After Felix was born I have made my mind up and started my photography business under my fun old nickname ‘Leoness’. Where is this nickname coming from? I’m a Leo, and also women. I bet you have the idea, ha.

I’m crazy about photography, but…
…when I’m not working, I love spending precious time with my boys riding our bikes, visiting places and having lots of fun. I couldn’t live without my cup of green tea (with lots of freshly squeezed lemon in it) and my favourite food is PIZZA!! Oh, glorious pizza in any kind! I love yoga and running early in the mornings, but my most favourite activity of all is snowboarding along with my boys. We are a cool snowboarder family and we all LOVE the snow, spending as much time in the mountains of Europe as we can.