My favourite 10 photoshoot locations around Salisbury

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Planning an on-location photo shoot is a very exciting thing, but it can also be a bit challenging when it comes to the question: where to go? There are so many fantastic places we can visit that creates a beautiful backdrop for your family portraits. Imagine your photos on the wall, you might want to think about colours and tones that suit you and your home.
We are so lucky to live in such an amazing part of the country, near the beaches and surrounded by fields, woods, parks and beautiful gardens and so on. We can meet at one of the incredible Salisbury locations our gorgeous town has to offer or I’m happy to travel a bit of a distance to visit more wonderful places like beaches or unique gardens.
You might have your own favourite place in mind, but not everyone has one, so here are my top 10+1 lists of places I love visiting with my clients. I hope it helps you to pick the best for yourself.

1. Bishopstone

My village (7 miles from Salisbury). Available all year round.
My absolute, top favourite of all places. Not only, because I live here in the village, but because I know the best parts of it for a successful photo shoot. There are rivers, bridges, fields and little woods to walk to; surrounded by beautiful old walls and rustic wooden gates, where the children are free to climb. It is absolutely safe for little ones to run or ride free in little lanes which makes the whole photoshoot so much fun. As my home studio is here, we can easily pop in for a drink if we want to before we are off to the shoot, get to know each other a little bit before we take the walk.

2. Somerset Lavender farm

Faulkland (approx 40 miles from Salisbury). Available from June to August.
The stunning purple colours of this farm create one of the most beautiful backdrops for child and family portraits. The flowers are blooming from May and the farm can be visited before they harvest in August. Somerset Lavender farm is about an hour drive from Salisbury and provides free parking for visitors. They have a lovely coffee and gift shop where you can buy their amazing handmade lavender products too. Visit their website for more info

3. Bake fruit farm 

Coombe Bissett (3 miles from Salisbury). Available from June to August.
A really lovely place to visit and have a fun-filled photo shoot with the little one. Dress them classy and they will look adorable while they are picking some fruit into their baskets. There are a variety of fruits available like strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries, that little hands can harvest. The farm is usually open during the summer months. Oh and not to mention it’s just around the corner in Coombe Bissett with plenty of free parking available.

4. Grovely Wood

Wilton (3 miles from Salisbury). Available all year round.
A great destination for people who love walking and exploring. Grovely Wood bluebells are stunning in spring, the trees are tall and the greens are dense in the summer, with lovely Autumn tones from the end of September. The forest is crisscrossed by family-friendly walking trails, making an ideal walk for families in wellies or search for the Gruffalo’s footprints, or even build a stick den. Don’t forget to bring your dog! They will love running around. Free parking available.

5. Colourful places

Beautiful local fields and farms.
I just love the spring with its fresh breeze and the summer when the amazing flowers are blooming. It almost feels like they are calling me to take photos of them. I’m in contact with farmers to get permission whenever I want to visit their property with my clients.
  • Rapeseed fields in beautiful yellow from April to mid-May.
  • Wheat fields that are flourishing green during June and July then they become beautiful golden yellow before the harvest.
  • Poppy fields are the most stunning of all. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful red one flourish right here in Bishopstone in 2016. Unfortunately, it’s not annually reoccurring and is not the easiest to find. Whenever I find out about one, I let my clients know right away!
  • Linseed fields are so pretty and special. Available for only a week sometime in June. I’m in contact with a lovely farm that only 20 minutes drive from Salisbury. Book your session in May/July to make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Bluebell woods in the colour of sapphire are so beautiful and they can be found in many places in the area from early spring. They come and go really fast in around April so make sure you don’t miss out and book your session before the end of January.
  • Wild Cow Parsley’s whites are my absolute favourite as it creates a stunning creamy and soft background to any photo. It blooms during April and May.

6. The grounds of Wilton House

Wilton (3 miles from Salisbury). Available from May to September.
Beautiful garden with lots of photogenic features like old walls, rocks, rivers, trees, bushes, flowers, bridges and the stunning Japanese garden with a red bridge and special plants. There is a huge playground to entertain not only the little ones – older kids love it too. In exchange for a small entry cost, you can have it all in one place.

7. Old Wardour Castle 

Tisbury (15 miles from Salisbury). Available from March to September.
This fabulous English Heritage castle is still in one piece (well.. mostly) that makes it a brilliant place for little explorers. Visitors are able to climb a few levels up, enter the rooms, tower and see the breathtaking view of the lake. There are numerous spots to capture the whole family and individuals too. Dogs and picnics are welcomed so why don’t you have a lovely family day out here and see me there at the same time? 😉 Small entry may apply at the entrance, but the parking is free.

8. Hengistbury Head beach

Bournemouth (30 miles from Salisbury). Available all year round.
A lovely beach in Bournemouth and one of the closest one to us, which is just perfect for families or individual and maternity clients. I love to shoot here later in the day, so we can catch the glorious golden hour that creates the most beautiful lighting in photography. The ideal time to start shooting there is around 7 pm so we are looking at an 8:30 pm finish. The parking is free after 6 pm and there are plenty of spaces available. Bring your blankets and jumpers, because it gets chilly and windy later on, even on the warmest summer days. There’s a lovely visitor centre (great for children!!) that worth a good visit before or after our photo session!

9. Stourhead Gardens

Stourton (30 miles from Salisbury). Available all year round.
With its world-famous landscape garden, Stourhead gardens are probably one of the most beautiful and well-presented gardens I’ve ever been to. This National Trust place is simply RICH, with hundreds of different plants, flowers and trees, with a magnificent lake in the middle. It is a great place to visit in any season, but the most beautiful time is Spring and Autumn when the colours are just breathtaking. More info at

10. Salisbury town

A really fabulous photo session doesn’t always have to be out in the greens. A small city would do too, believe me. A nice walk across different places, through the shopping centre, is just as fun and the kids always so happy to finish the shoot at their favourite place: Sprinkles.
Sunday evening there was a really nice sunset and as a bonus, we had not many people around.
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