Why professional photography is “expensive”?

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I came across the question a few times “why talented photographers’ prices are so high”? It is normal to think it is a bit expensive because people usually don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes in photography. Running this type of business is never as easy as it may look…

Hobby? Nope! It’s a job!

Although I love photography and it was my hobby for years and years, it became a job when I went professional. Professional photography is not only about ‘clicking’ and ‘taking some shots’, that is definitely not the case. There is a lot that takes place in the background when running a professional business at this level:

  • Marketing activity
  • Keeping social platforms and website updated
  • Consultations
  • Customer relations
  • Invoicing, accounting and lots of office work
  • Designing and customising each session for the individuals
  • Sourcing best quality props and accessories
  • Investing in high-end equipment
  • Continuous professional development

And that’s not all…

Each shooting session followed by EDITING – hours upon hours in front of the computer. This is followed by proofing, designing and ordering photography products for the clients.

There are many more bits and pieces that make a business whole and round. My prices are set to match the work I put in and the quality I provide. My priorities lay with achieving excellent customer service and providing a fun photography experience that my lovely Clients will never forget.

(If you are a professional and you think I’ve missed something out – oh boy… there are so many things – please shout out in the comments)

The quality

I feel I have arrived to a new level in photography. Over the past years, I’ve worked hard to gain extra qualifications and I have taken part in a number of courses to further develop my skills in this profession. I am always on a lookout for ways to improve my skills and knowledge. Photography is my passion, where my heart is and yet amazingly my job.

I am proud to be an artist and I can’t wait to start creating beautiful stunning memories for You!

Hope to see your smiling faces one day soon 😉


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