Ice skating in Southampton

 In Christmas, Leoness Family

I did ice skate a lot when I was a kid. I never was an expert in it, but I could manage to ‘ride’ and enjoy it. In my teen ages, I had a quite bad accident one day. I left the rink with a 10mm crack on my skull which unfortunately took my interest away. I still remember some tricks and movements, but it was quite a challenge to get back on the ice after some really long years. I loved every minute and enjoyed spending my time there with my children. Peter, unfortunately, didn’t like the idea of him to be involved as he tried it before and didn’t like it. So he stood on the side and watched. He was more than happy to take some photos of us brave ones. He’s managed to snap some really nice pictures that I have edited after. We had a fun afternoon, followed by a delicious pizza nearby before we went to the cinema to watch The Grinch 🙂

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