The Tidmarsh Family

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I always get a little nervous when a friend asks me to capture their family. To me, photography is much more than just a taking some photos and when it comes to capturing people I know feels even more challenging. I feel like I have to do even higher standard because I know them well and I really have to show who they truly are on the final pictures. The cherry on the cake is that the dad is also a photographer so I felt like I have to provide something outstanding.
This family lives just in the next village from us and our children go to school together. Their oldest is my oldest’s best friend.
They came to see us for a quick refreshment then off we went for a lovely evening walk here in Bishopstone. It was a beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset, the children were playful and happy. Well.. they were most of the times. The little ones had their ups and downs but I was making sure to capture those emotional moments as well.
Hope you can feel the love and the unique connection by looking at the images of this very special family.
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