Snowboard Holiday 2019

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If you follow us for a bit longer, you might know that we are SNOW LOVERS. We don’t miss the hot laziness on the sandy beaches, we just want snow and our boards, ha. Although we love sunshine too, the good thing about the mountains that you can have it both 🙂 We just can’t wait for our snowboarding holiday each year. This time we had such a busy two weeks meeting with friends, family and visit some awesome places.

Have a look below to find out what we’ve been up to and where we went. Enjoy 😉

Tubes – The Epic Donut Run

A stunning sunny day in Hainzenberg with lovely friends, followed by a delicious lunch up on the mountains.

On the slopes

On the infinity slopes of Gerlos. Max was doing real jumps this time, whoa. He’s learning with the awesome Hotzone School of Snowboarding for the 4th season now and his progress is unbelievable. Max really enjoys his group lessons, riding off slopes and powder with the coolest team. Felix was also doing great on his ski. It was his second time doing group lessons and he absolutely loved it. He won a silver medal on the 1st week’s skiing competition and a gold medal on the second one. He was so proud and so were we.
We just drop them off with their team in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. 5 hours of total freedom whilst the children are enjoying themselves like nowhere else. Sometimes we see them on the slopes (to be honest always searching for them with one eye) and do a big hug or wave if they are far a little.
Peter had some really fast rides on the steep slopes that he really enjoys. And myself… well it took me 4 seasons (7 weeks in total) with the awesome Hotzone and my long-time-snowboarder husband, but with their help, I have properly learned my edges and turns so I can finally say that I’m comfortable on the slopes. Also thanks to Chris at 7hillz for the great tips. Find his awesome snowboarding YouTube channel HERE. You guys all helped a lot and I’m very grateful. Bring on the black slopes next year 😉

Silly Max

One of the afternoons we took a nice little walk with Max in the village to visit a lovely friend. On the way home, he started to “fly” into the powder which was so very funny. We took lots of photos of each other 😀

In and around our accommodation

We couldn’t believe how much snow had fallen on the first few days. It was just amazing and beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at the pretty view of a lake and river from our apartment and the boys loved playing on the balcony using their Lego snow vehicles 🙂

Our trip to Schilthorn

It was Peter’s idea to take the boys to this epic place in Switzerland. Max is a big fan of James Bond (just like his daddy) so we wanted to surprise him by taking him to Piz Gloria, Schilthorn, where ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ had been recorded in 1968. There’s a stunning and extremely big 007 station up there for those who want to find out everything about that particular movie. I packed everything a day before, so after our daily snowboarding we left around 4 pm and it took us about 5 hours to drive to Mürren, Switzerland. We arrived late on Friday and stayed in a small hotel for the night. In the morning we had a nice walk in the middle of the monumental mountains but at this point, the boys were extremely curious so we carried onto the first gondola station to Schilthorn. We tried to keep it top secret and only told the boys that we are going to a special place as a surprise. However, when we arrived at the first station, Max spotted a 007 poster with George Lazenby and he found out right away what the surprise is. Clever boy 😀 He has seen all the 007 movies and this one was one of his favourites. The way up to Piz Gloria took us more than an hour on 3 different cable cars and we all enjoyed the stunning view from 2970m. We spent at least 2 hours up there, visiting the 007 station as well. On the way back we took a break on the first change so we were able to do the epic Skyline Walk at 2677m. It was absolutely breathtaking!! I’ve recorded a video there and will link it here as soon as it’s ready. Enjoy the view with us 😉

Mega Fun Bath

On our second rest day, we went to our favourite thermal bath station Erlebnistherme with a giant whirlpool, mystery caves, pretty waterfalls, awesome slides, saltwater pool and stunning warm outdoor swimming pool plus lot-lot more. Not just the boys, but we all love it! And… someone special has visited us! Grandpa Thomas arrived on Saturday and they spent the whole Sunday morning with us in the pools.

… and some of Max’s wicked GoPro images ?

Burton Shop Innsbruck – The main one in Europe

We have been asked many times that if we are sponsored by Burton ? Nope, unfortunately not, but BURTON is definitely our favourite brand for snowboarding gears and clothing. Not only because of the quality but the very cool unique design they provide. Chris was really kind and joined us with daughter Zuzia so we checked out this huge store together in Innsbruck. I could literally move into that place ?
After the best shopping experience ever we went to Chris’s for dinner. Ursula, his wife (and my rare snowboarding partner) made us some amazing lasagne with lots of vegetables and an epic brownie as a dessert. I need those recipes guys 😉

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