World Book Day 2019

 In Leoness Family
Until the day before of World Book Day, I was silly enough to think that Max will want to have his Harry Potter costume, from last year. The school’s topic for the term is “Around the World” so they suggested choosing a traveller character if possible. I was so chilled about this as Mr Potter was a pretty good traveller on his broom, right? ?When Max said he wants to be someone else and he is no longer a fan of Mr P, I was shocked… It was just right the day before World Book Day. I helped him go through some possibilities so he decided on the Scarecrow from OZ. Luckily we had everything we needed so we’ve created this homemade costume absolutely last minute. I have tried to put together all the pieces a night before and finished it off in the morning. It was a challenge, but we all worked as a team including Peter and Felix too so absolutely happy end.
Felix was a lot easier because he wanted to use his shiny knight outfit with the dragons on it 😀 No more questioning from me ?
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